Review for Fallen Rogue from the Romantic Times Book Reviews:

Four Stars
“Rench’s story starts out strong and picks up speed as it draws you into the action. The plot is well crafted, paced to keep the pages turning, and the supernatural elements are believable. There’s a great connection between the main characters that adds to the romantic tension. This satisfying, suspenseful story has plenty of bullets, bad guys and breathless moments.
Just before Harper Kane’s brother is shot, he tells her to retrieve a hidden box. Inside, Harper finds a computer flash drive and a full syringe. The killers come after her, and in the ensuing melee, she accidentally gets injected. The changes in her body culminate in a blinding flash of power that destroys the bad guys.
Government agent Rome Lucian is sent to bring her in, but when he sees Harper being experimented on, he knows something isn’t right and he helps her escape. Now they’re both on the run and caught in a dark web of conspiracy.” (LEISURE, Dec., 320 pp., $6.99)
Romantic Times Book Reviews, December 2009